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So discouraged... beginner trying to knit scarf.
Hi. Figured I'd post because I thought maybe some of you might have some tips. I'm trying one of the beginner scarfs from the patters on this site. I have size 11 and size 9 needles. Tried them both with several types of yarns (a type of whisker I think is what the patter was using). I never get past the second row... took me forever to get there too. Everything's either too tight, too loose, or just funky in general. I think I'm getting lost in all the crazy yarn. I tried some regular yarn and then I have the problem of everything being too tight.

I used to knit with mom when I was little. About 20 years later, I can't do this at all. It's very frustrating. I had hoped my first real post here would be one of triumph but instead I'm whining.

Grrr... I think I even have a blister on my index finger now. That's going to be fun at the office tomorrow!
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