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Never try to learn to knit on fuzzy, floofy yarn. Go find some nice smooth yarn and practice for a while. Use the 11s, they'll be loose with worsted weight yarn, but you won't have tight stitches and it won't matter - you're just practicing. Cast on, knit every row several inches, then add a purl row and alternate with knit a row, purl a row and do that for a few inches. If you want, you can practice decreases and increases (look at the videos here). If you want to venture further, try ribbing, which is using both knit and purl sts on the same row - k4, p4. Above all, if you think you've messed it up, don't rip out, keep going, it will get better and you'll probably figure out how you messed up (you can ask here) and learn how to avoid it. There's nothing more frustrating than doing the same thing over and going nowhere. Your tension will even out with practice, you just have to practice.
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