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Hiya styrch n welcome to the party,
Now first things first hun.......take a nice big deep breath......ahhhhh......
K from what I am gathering, it sounds like you are choking your needles and yarn and all that fluff is getting in the way of you seeing what you are doing and making you more frustrated, therefore making you grip your needles n yarn all the tighter. And then you end up throwing the stuff across the room and screaming AAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!! at the top of yer lungs there.

So here's what we can do, k first thing is to figure out how to hold the yarn in whatever hand you are using for that so that the yarn can flow through easily but not flop around. Same with your needles, just hold on to em gently but firmly, so that you can move the stitches easily back and forth on em without making up new curse words. K, now with our new relaxed state of mind, let's try to knit a coupla stitches.... that's right, just let the yarn flow..... if the stitch seems a little tight, don't fight it, it'll just frustrate you more, just gently work it so that you can fit the needle in, yarn over, n flip it back through off the left n onto the right, now that wasn't so bad was it?
It's all in how you hold the yarn and your needles, the more tense you are the more tense and hard it will be to knit. If it seems too loose don't worry bout that, proper tension comes with experience and being comfortable with your equipment.

Before you know it, you'll be knitting like a zen master.
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