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There is nothing harder to work with than knitting that is too tight and choked up on the needles!

I think being slightly looser is better, simply because you can work the stitches so much easier!

Eventually, you will need to get your 'gauge' under control. I used to knit so loose that my first ARAN pullover (size 4) turned out to be a size 24! I had used the suggested needle size in the pattern.

After that debacle, I started sizing down my needles. So, if a pattern suggests a US 8 needle with this or that yarn...I needed to size down to a US 5 needle! I continued on my merry way, knitting loosely on the needle...but because my needle was so much smaller, my knitted piece turned out the RIGHT SIZE!

I think "loose knitters" are generally feeling more relaxed and calm when they knit. Watch how your tension changes when you are under more stress than usual!
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