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Originally Posted by Knitting Gnome View Post
I tend to knit way too tightly (I am wound a little tight in general ). I agree that it is harder to knit with tight stitches. I have been making a real effort to knit a little more loosely lately. It goes much faster (and with a lot less frustration and dropped stitches) when it is a little looser. As the pp mentioned, as long as you can get close to gauge, you are fine.
Hi Knitting Gnome!
I have a quick tip for you! Tight knitting usually begins from the cast on stitches! When I have taught new knitters, I notice that when they cast on real tight, the knitting itself stays tight. When I ask them to re-do the cast on...casting on real loose (but not sloppy)...their subsequent knitting goes along looser, too! Try that! I think it will improve your gauge! Let me know, will ya?
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