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well the obvious answer is scarves. they are straight no increases or decreases and by combining knit and purls you can get varying stitch patterns (ribbing, moss stitch, brioche stitch, garter etc). bored of scarves? how about a simple blanket or a dish or face cloth? pillow cases can also be made be stitching 2 rectangles together.
a cushion cover:
dish cloth:
another cloth;
a scarf:
yet another cloth:
here in general: has a lot of patterns on, some easy some hard, also have a look at the list of stitches for different stitch patterns you can creste just using knits and purls.

however dont be scared of new techniques.
most of the things you see in patterns are ways of increasing or decreasing the number of stitches you are using to make the item bigger or smaller or to add shape.

the stitch you mentioned K2tog, is short hand for knitting two stitches together. so normally when you knit, you put your needle into one stitch at a time, to do a K2tog you put the needle into 2 stitches at the same time and knit it as if it was just one stitch.

thats just one explanation for you, but dont forget there are the videos and the glossory of abbreviations on this site which are very helpful, plus lots of people here who are happy to help.

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