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Ever done a lacy shawl/scarf with heavy/bulky yarn?
just wondering. i just bought this yarn from valley yarns (85%wool and 15% Alpaca) called Berkshire. It's a gorgeous, vibrant blue - and i never, ever buy blue yarn and never wear blue - but - WOW, what a color. the color is beautiful and it knits really nice and easy. i started a simple poncho with it (mostly boring SS stitch) and am only 3 inches into it and am bored already (even though i really like the finished pattern). lol

anyway, i wanted to try an experiment - a lacy pattern for a scarf or rectangular shawl with heavy/bulky weight yarn (it gets about 3.5-4 spi) on 11-13 needles). i just live where it gets soooooo cold and even though it's not a traditional thing to do, i wonder if anyone has ever tried it and liked the way it looked.

anyone who has a pic of something like that would be great also. thanks in advance for any feedback.
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