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Right side means the public side on things like sweaters, but for a scarf it will probably mean the best looking side of the pattern stitch. But it may not mean much with some patterns as far a looks goes but just be the designer's way to talk to you about the sides.

Since your pattern says there is a right side
... like "Row 1: (right side)" followed by the rest of the instructions for row 1.
I'd suggest you mark that side as you begin to work on it. As it is facing you as you start that row, run a piece of yarn though the fabic and back out and tie a little bow on that side or put a safety pin on that side of the work. That way even though you may have a hard time seeing why it is the "right" side you will have it marked so the next time it says to do something on the "right or wrong" side" you can look for your marker to see if you are in the right place. After you get a few rows done you may see why it is designated the right side and may not even need the marker after a while.
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