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Thank you for helping our troops. I turned in my second HL to my LYS today. My first one went to a soldier friend of the family in case he was redeployed this month.

My LYS gives them to a local veterans organization.

I use the Bonie Long/geocities pattern w/a few changes. I was advised to make the ribbed neck part 7". I make it 7 1/2" and still have Cascade 220 left. Think my next one will be a bit longer. Will be close, but I want to try it.

On the above the eyes part, I did 59 sts in provisional CO. This left 60 live sts. Add to that the 52 sts in the below the eyes part gave me 112 sts which is divisible by 4 for the 2x2 ribbing. (I don't like picking up sts.)

I did a Russian bind off. I like how that turned out. Is a little more stretchy. (k2tog. pass st onto left needle. k2tog. pass st onto left needle. cont till done.) The LYS lady liked the result, also.

My friend showed me his gov issue HL. Is 2 wool layers w/ an insulator material in between. Is not as thick as our hand knit ones. Not as cushy for their heads in those hard helmets. He likes the one I made very much. He'll not be going back this month, but he's happy to have it just in case. I'm glad that the one I turned in today will be going over. Also, 100% wool won't burn or melt to the skin in case...

I bought more Cascade 220 today. My LYS is going to have a HL night next month. Hope I can go. I like doing them. Want to have one OTN all the time.

Do you have any helpful hints?
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