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No, they don't come any longer. I noticed you said the stitches were falling off both ends....I believe I made the same blanket for a SIL in '06 (4 strands of Homespun?) and the stitches kept going over the "knobby" end of the needle, not just the "pointy" end. Since I work in an auto parts store, I found a couple of ginormous flat washers that fit over the size 50's and had a big enough outside diameter that the yarn couldn't slip over them. That at least solved the problem of the yarn sliding over one end of each needle.....might give that a shot, it'll make things a bit easier.
And, yes, the blanket will turn out really SIL loves hers (and so do her daughters - enough that I had to knit them their own blankets for Christmas '07! I used Red Heart Baby Clouds for theirs, though) as it's really soft and cuddly.
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