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Crochet CO - Picking Up Knitting Stitches
So I'm finally doing it! I'm venturing into the world of sock knitting...or at least trying.

I'm knitting Rainy Day Socks. I've learned how to crochet a chain and have done so for the provisional crochet CO for these socks. NOW, my FIRST question... (nope, I didn't get very far before I needed to bug you guys)

Pattern tells me "Starting at the cast-off edge of the chain and using main yarn, pick up 48 stitches through the backs of crochet loops" and another thing I saw on picking up stitches using this CO says to "insert your knitting needle tip into the first bump." Those said, my question is WHICH bump constitutes my "first" bump. When I cast-off this provisional chain I pulled the end yarn through the loop that was on my crochet needle, thereby creating a bump. Is THIS my FIRST bump that I pick up or the one AFTER where I pulled my yarn through?

Is everyone confused as I am now? LOL... thanks.
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