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Thanks all. I left my new yarn out so I could see it.. and I just kept, kept knitting away at the little baby hat that I was knitting and I finally finished it after about 3 hours. *I posted the photo of the hat in the what cha knitting section.

So, last night.. I cast on w/ one of the soft fuzzy mohair yarns to work on a simple lace stitch that I could teach to a new knitter in the near future. (my friend wanted to learn how to do lace after I showed her examples in the yarn market of knitted scarves in a simple lace stitch.) The yarn market is a really good teaching tool too- since, they have knitted items on display and she was able to pick out the 'basket weave' stitch.. which is what I taught her to use for her scarf. I WAS SO PROUD OF HER.. WHEN SHE'D STOP ME AND SAY, 'Look, here's another scarf in the basketweave stitch.'

But, it was also a good teaching tool- because, I could show her other stitches in person by using the various knitted items in the different yarn vendors shops.
Here's the result..
*Check it out!!! Lots of photos
*It's all about: The Life and adventues of an American living overseas who finds time to knit every now and then.
Updated almost daily.. honest!
I'm moving to Germany this summer! My name on Ravelry is: iwouldratherknit
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