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The red yarn that I started as a scarf.. is in the Italian Mohair yarn. *Also, all the other soft thin fuzzy mult-colored yarns are also the Italian mohair yarns. **I put more detailed photos of the individual groups on my blog.
The mohair was the only yarn that we able to buy only 2 skeins of each color. (I also only bought 2 skeins of the really thick multi-colored yarn)

All the other yarn had to be purchased in packages of 10 skeins (50 grams each) or 500 grams for the package. Or in 4 skeins (of 100 grams each) or 400 gram packages.

I didn't dare take a photograph of the MOUNTAIN of yarn that would have been produced if I had put all the yarn together. I just took a photo of each different yarn.

I wish everyone could fly over here- I'd be happy to take you to the yarn market. However, the $2,000.00 airline ticket would put a dent in the yarn budget.

Some of this yarn was on big, big, sales.. (not a regular event here) most of the yarn that we bought- we only paid $12.00 for four 100 gram skeins.. or an entire package of 4 skeins of 100 grams per skein yarn for only $10.00- 12.00 dollars! 100%wool.
That's why I bought so much yarn.. I only paid full price for 2 packages of yarn.

Ok, now go and buy a plane ticket to Seoul, Korea and bring money for the yarn market... you have a more than willing yarn market escort!
*Check it out!!! Lots of photos
*It's all about: The Life and adventues of an American living overseas who finds time to knit every now and then.
Updated almost daily.. honest!
I'm moving to Germany this summer! My name on Ravelry is: iwouldratherknit
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