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Thank you all so much!

Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
You're always doing charity KAL's, what do you mean that you finally finished something?
Most of my charity knitting has been just knitting a PORTION of something, so it doesn't feel like I ever finish anything. I've started 7 Oddball Blankets, 2 Oddball Lapghans, 2 Oddball Shawls, and 12 Oddball Baby Blankets. They are all sent off to be completed by other knitters. So, it kinda feels like sending my children out into the world.

Originally Posted by iwouldratherbeknitting View Post
I know what you mean about 'finally making something for yourself'.....almost everything that I had made last year was knitted for others

Originally Posted by knitgal View Post
Don't you love alpaca? I have a "thing" for it too. Just so soft and wonderful.
Alpaca is a little bit of heaven.
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