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How has KNITTING changed your life?
Okay, besides turning me into a yarn-crazed, caffeine-junky who stays up at all hours to finish 'just one more row..' knitting has really had a profound effect on my life.

I am a work-a-holic, mother of 2 children (1 of which has Asperger's Syndrome and the other a 3 yo), wife, and budding crafter. 2 years ago, my son was having some real problems with his writing skills and his ability to focus and complete projects (little did I know that knitting isn't always the best way to COMPLETE alot of things). I read a really interesting article about art and children with disabilities. I placed my son in a pottery class and he flourished! A friend of mine told me to try knitting as a way to help him with his small motor coordination. Well.. to say the least, I was NOT a crafty mommy. I had always wanted to craft, but never had the time to. So I was on a mission to learn to knit.

So I went to my LYS and preceeded to pick up 6 or more different hanks of yarn and knitting needles. I looked absolutely clueless and the sales lady noticed and came rushing over to me. I told her my whole story and she told me to come back tomorrow with my son. I did and she helped us pick out some yarn, needles, and notions. She sat with us for 30 minutes teaching us to cast on and perform the knit stitch. We went home and knitted all afternoon. It was horrible. I couldn't believe that I teach adult women to draw blood and perform medical procedures, but I couldn't knit a scarf to save my life. I felt like a failure.

I went online and found this site. The videos helped us tremendously. That summer, we knit scarves (kinda) together. Since then, we don't knit daily due to our very hectic lifestyle. But we do sit and knit together one day a week. His handwriting was so much improved this fall, that the teachers asked me what we were doing. I have also taken more time out to craft with my kiddos. They so enjoy the creativity and the time together. And I've even learned that I don't need to be perfect to have fun. (Not true in medicine!)

So all in all, knitting has brought me and my son so much closer. It has helped him find an outlet for his frustrations (less meltdowns); improve his handwriting; and increase his self-confidence because he creates and finishes (more than I can say for myself) projects; and has helped to foster a love for art. He was never good at sports or music and felt really down about himself. Now he has this to feel good about.

What's your story?
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