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Originally Posted by Dobek1011 View Post
Knitting has helped me to find "my center". I'm not really into the whole serenity new age thing, but knitting calms me so much when I am stressed. It has really given me something to turn to, almost like a friend. It also boosts my self esteem. I have been amazed at what I have been able to accomplish with yarn and 2 needles (not ready for the multiple needle thing yet LOL!!!). I LOVE knitting and won't ever stop!!!!!!
Well said Dobek1011.
Knitting also for me is my connection to my mother, grandmother, great-great grandmother, and on and on. All the women in my family I have loved and looked up to knitted. Now with all of them gone, I feel close to them when I knit. Seeing my dds 4 and 2 interested and beginning to learn to knit is an example of the connections of all generations before and those to be.
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