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Knitting has changed my life in that if there ever was a nuclear winter or I somehow ended up in some post-apocalyptic world where we didn't have internet and cheaply manufactured clothing, I could sustain myself and make all the things that me and my loved ones would need to survive. If I ever find myself in that situation, I know that I would have an invaluable skill that would contribute to the well being of whatever community I find myself in.

We moderns think we're sooooo smart, but how many of us could live off the land without the aid of technologies we don't understand? I'm so glad I've learn to knit. My loved ones will NEVER have to worry about keeping their head, neck, feet or hands warm. Ever. And that has changed my life.

I'm in my early 20's, so I've taken all that for granted until very recently. You don't realize when you're 12 that even just two generations ago, people lived VERY differently, worked VERY differently... and how quickly things can change and how knowing how to do for yourself can mean the difference between treading water all your life and having enough to get by.

I'm getting ready to head off to a class called Science, Mind and Philosophy, so maybe that explains the weird twinge to that post. xD
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