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Knitting Socks
I decided to try to knit a pair of socks. I've never done socks before, but I figured it would be OK because I started my 3rd knitting class (I've only been knitting 1.5 years) and if I got stuck, I thought my instructor could help me.

I'm stuck. I don't understand one part of the pattern. My instructor couldn't help me because she doesn't understand it either!

I knit the cuff. Now, I have to knit the leg. The pattern for the leg is called "Slipped Handpaint Rib Pattern." It says:

Rounds 1-3: *K3, P1; repeat from *.

Round 4: *K2, yo, K1, P1; repeat from *.

Round 5: *K1, sl 1 wyib, drop yo from previous round, K1, P1; repeat from *.

Round 6: *K1, sl 1 wyib, K1, P1; repeat from *.

Repeat Round 1-6 for pattern. Slip all stitches purlwise.

I understand everything but "drop yo from previous round."

Does anyone know what that means and how to do it? Help will be greatly appreciated.
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