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Stock. St. at edge of sweater pattern?
Front: Cast on 25-25-30-35-40 sts with 1 strand brown Fox + 1 strand Vienna. P 1 row (wrong side) then knit rib until piece measures 8 cm. Change to stockinette st but keep the edge st at each side in garter st up to the armhole, and adjust (inc/dec if needed) to 25-27-30-35-39 sts on the 1st row after the rib.
When the piece measures 12-12-12-20-20 cm inc 1 st at each side. For Sizes S - M - L repeat inc when the piece measures 24 cm = 29-31-34-37-41 sts.

Does the bold part mean that I KNIT each stitch at the edges? Or does it mean I knit the purls and purl the knits at the edge?
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