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I'm having the same trouble. Last night I worked for 4 hours to pick up 2 stitches. I also took the project to my local yarn store where the owner worked for an hour and never did figure out how to correct a mistake. I did manage to discover that when you go back to pick up a stitch, instead of having one stitch on the needle that you pull thru the "ladder", you need to have 2 stitches on the needle ( so that you end up with 2 strands of yarn forming the purl on the back side of the knit stitch.) By some miracle I managed to fix the mistake - or at least it's not noticeable. I also have discovered that if you need to rip out your work, you have to do it one stitch at a time and re-create the knit stitch by "picking up" the knit stitch that is above the one that has been knit into. I knit a sample swatch in the pattern and practiced taking it out, dropping a stitch, etc so I could analyze how it works. Basically I just do a lot of praying that I don't make a mistake!
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