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I dabble in quilting and while I have not made a rag quilt yet, my mom has so I've seen how it is done. It is pretty easy. I've always wanted to do one with old jeans on one side and flannel on the other. Anyways, I digress.....I only have 2 tips -- first, I think it is alot of work to cut all the fringes at the end (sore and tired hand). I saw a lady on simply quilts once that used a small garden clipper instead of regular sharp scissors -- she said it was much easier on her hands because it was spring loaded....The next is that you should wash and dry the quilt several times before you give it away as they shed ALOT the first time and maybe the next washing/drying or two -- and that you should check your dryer lint screen multiple times, especially the first time, as it will quickly fill up and you don't want to accidentally overheat/damage your dryer.

Hope that helps! Let me know how it turns out!
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