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Welcome Bird! I have to say I like the ml method best w/a 32" options. My whole reason is so I dont loose needles-w/3 little ones & all. I tried 2 circs, didnt like...& occasionally I go back to my dpn.
Welcome The.Knitter!
Dustina: way to go with chapter 2!
Well I took a break from dh's socks and went to Target with Caitlin & used a giftcard from Christmas and got a Bumbo chair for her. I'm excited because its the first/only thing that's hers and not a hand me down from the other two and she seems to like it & I'm sure she'll like it with the more head controll she gets and once she can really play with toys she'll love to sit in it. Besides this spring/summer when we're outside planting stuff I'll want her to have something to sit in so she's not eating dirt. Though the Irish saying goes something like-you have to eat a lb of dirt before you die. Ok back to sock knitting. It's dark and cold and windy outside-good day to curl up on the couch/chair with a movie and kids and knit. happy knitting.
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