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Morning Socksters,

Birdwomn, There really isn’t much difference between using 2 – 24” circs versus doing Magic Loop on a 40” circ. With the 2 – 24” you have more needles hanging around and you have the costs of buying 2 pairs, the ML you’re just pulling the needles more.

The.Knitter, how’s the sox coming along?

Julie, I really like your new do. You are such a cutie!!! Hope the docs can help little Jacob. I just picked up a scratchy throat and cough…I hardly ever get sick. I think its this crazy weather. Today it is suppose to be 60’s last week it was teens.

Gina, there is a brand new podcast called “Knit Together”. They are two Christian women from Springfield, Missouri. I really enjoyed their first three episodes. I downloaded a bunch of podcasts this weekend and will go through and weed out the ones I don’t like. Yup, there are several…either the sound is bad, boring, or not enough knitting/crocheting info. There are plenty to listen to without having to listen to those.

Jackie, I have to quit going to your blog…I always seem to crave pannycakes.

Lieke, you are much more patient than me…but the colors are fun.

Dustina, the Hemlock Ring is coming along nicely. I didn’t get to knit much this weekend…none on my poms. What mitten pattern are you going to use?

JamOknit, can’t wait to see pics.

Hoping to work on my hemlock this afternoon. Now that I got my name and blog changed. I finally just put a link from the old blog to my new one temporarily. I’ve joined some KAL with the old link. I tried to notify everyone that I could think of…not that there is actually anyone that has bookmarked my blog. What a pain!

Sock on,
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