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Thanks Carla! Hope you get better soon.

Alex, nice socks!

Well we just got back from the doc. and she doesn't know what's going on with him. She said it's not an infection she can see, like ear or sinus or strep so she ordered amoxicillian and we'll try that. She said that if he gets the fever again today and tomorrow afternoon for me to call her back, she'll be in tomorrow afternoon and then she's gonna order blood work &/or x-rays. sigh. I'm praying that it's fixed with the antibiotics. He hasn't been on any in so long that I couldn't remember the last time he was on any, or Bailey for that matter. I do have to rant about Walgreens though...grrrrrrrrrrrrr. The doc faxed the perscription over, then we left and got gas-30-40 min later we got to Walgreens and they still hadn't pulled it off the fax machine and there wasn't anyone in line inside, a few at the drive up but hello?! Anyway she put me as a waiter and said it'd be 30 minutes to fill it-I"m not dragging 3 kids inside and didn't want to have to come home and unbundle them and then bundle them all back up again-I'm a little annoyed. Anyway it's been 35 min now so I'm gonna bundle everyone back up and get everyone buckled up again and venture out into the terribley windy day. 35-45mph gusting to 50-yuck!
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