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2nd Sock, I Rock
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I finished mom's socks!! I'll get picts in a bit...

Julie~ yes, I cried I don't know how many times during that movie last night!! Prayers for Jacob and your family!! I'd be annoyed to...that's crazy...we are suppose to get a Walgreens in May...I'm excited cause I've never been inside of one ...ohh I think a cat would be can often adopt kittens that are 6mos and have been fixed (in OH they fix them at 5mos)...I have adopted grown cats before that were still considered young and if they hadn't been around kids or anything then it didn't work as well...the younger the cat is the better it will adopt to the kids and the noises...we now have Gideon and Bella who we had from kitten age and they just follow the kids around...Isaiah is their favorite cause he does something to their ears that just puts them right off to sleep lol... for Sockamania!!

JamOKnit~ Can't wait to see photos

Carla~I'm hoping to the yarn for the hemlock this weekend at the yarn shop... yay for 50% off...I'm finishing up the left bird in hand that I never did do ...

Alex~Those are cute!! I love the color

Tami~ I think your right

okey dokey, I'm waiting for dh to get back from his run...he just walked back out the door...then I'll start some dinner when he gets back

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