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Hi Socksters,
Sounds like a bunch of you have yucky stuff. Hope y'all (and your younguns) are feeling better soon! I also hate Walgreens and CVS! They take FOREVER!!!! I usually try to call my refills in at least 2 days in advance, and they STILL don't have them ready. I don't go there unless they have a coupon for $30 gift card if you transfer a prescription. I much prefer Target, Sam's club, HEB or Kroger.

So did y'all know you could use the end of a paint brush or a coffee stirrer for a cable needle? I was up to the cables on my socks today and had no needle. For the first round, I was at a student's house and spied a paintbrush on the counter. Worked fine. Then I was at the Chiropractor and had no needle but was ready for the second round of twists. Spied the coffee stirrer and tried it. A little floppy, but it worked!

DH is out of town with the digital camera, so I can't show pics. Enough knitting today anyway. Gotta take care of the hands!

Sock on!
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