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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Good Morning Socksters!!

tangle2007~ Welcome to the KAL!! I have that pattern and it's wonderful...really helps you with different yarns and sizes...if you need help just holler

Carla~I hope you enjoyed your knit together!! I don't feel as guilty buying new yarn when it's on sale

Gina~ way to go in finding a cable needle!! You can use straws too if your ever at McDonald's playground and need one

Tami~Thanks for the new tip...I'm not much of a toe up sock knitter but one reason why is cause of getting that cuff bo right...

Lieke~It's going to be really pretty...I hope you can work on your mom's socks soon and then start yours!

Jackie~ for sockamania!!! Remeber to take time for yourself!!

Julie~I'm thinking of making the kids hedgehogs for Valentines Day...I'm going to dye Isaiah's cause his favorite color is lime green...did you have to hold two strands of worsted together? ....I'm glad to be passed the stage of walking around with spit up on me and not remebering if I had a shower or not...dh is prolly glad too ...I attract the point that dh has wondered does she pretend they are strays??? but I don't...I just put food out and let whatever cat that finds it come and stay if they want...of course only Gideon and Bella are inside the house but we have a few outside...that I have named...even if they won't let me pet they are good for field that helps win dh over out in the woods in an old farm house with a field on one side we need cats...

Ok I still don't have picts of mom's socks ...I also got the bag dotty made for will take picts sometime hopfully today... I love the bag...dotty did such a great job on it...Roo has already tried to take it

I hope you all have a great day of knitting...I gotta go find which Cookie A pattern I want to start...cast on get a photo before Friday...

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