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Morning Socksters,

While I was reading through the posts, I noticed that Dotty has been here lately. I know its been warmer here so I doubt that is keeping her from her computer room. Oh Dotty, how are you????

Alex, I think crocheting is much easier than knitting. If your grandma is still around I'd definitely have her show you. My grandma crocheted, tatted and was very crafty...I remember crocheting chains with her but that was it. I do have a few of her hooks and it means so much more to me now. I have memories of her sitting in her rocking chair and she was always working on something...oh how I wish I had her rocker. I'm sure she'd be proud to see my DD knitting and crocheting.

Julie and Dustina, my knit night was spent knitting a round then trying to figure out what I did wrong. When I got home I tink and then did it with no problem. I'm glad I went though since it was just me and my LYS owner. Don't know where everyone was.

Girls, just know that once your little ones are a little older you won't feel guilty about going out for me time. DD usually goes with me but she has been so tired and I talked her into staying home to go to be early. She was still up reading until after 10 pm

tangle2007, Welcome to the group and ask away!

Leike, how your tangled yarn coming along?

Gina, how's it going?

Tami, that sounds like the EZ Sewn Bind Off except you are using a needle. I'll have to try the Russian and see if it is any easier.

Sock on,

PS I joined the She-Knit Secret first one ever.
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