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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Good Morning Socksters!!

The.Knitter~ain't it neat...she did a great job...

Julie~ Prayers for Jacob and your family...I hope he feels better soon

SteveDallas~ Looks great!! One thing about using cable needles you wouldn't have any trouble trying it on right now to make sure it fits ok...with dpns you could but would have to move the sts to a holder ...

Lieke~ Remeber to stop and take a minute for yourself!!

tangle~ YAY for getting the dpns down...sorry to read that you had frog back but with their help I'm sure you will be finishing that sock soon

Jackie~ A new cartoon is suppose to start I think tomorrow... I'm not sure...Roo has been waiting for a's a new little cartoon about Chinese New Year...I keep forgetting to mention that!

Well we woke up late this morning...the wind kept me up last night...and for some reason dh had trouble leaving me with covers and room enough move or do I kept waking up cause of the wind, being froze, or clinging to the side of the bed...while he was out like a light I hit snooze a bit to long this morning...and sent us all into a tail spin...usually by now my house is together except running the sweeper...this morning only our room is back's really starting to drive me crazy too

I'm hoping to work on my mitten today...have decided not to try and CO for a Cookie sock...will just wait for Feb and CO to a Eunny sock...or a sock that does something different on the heel

I hope you all have a great day of knitting!!

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