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FO - DANICA SCARF+photos of "pick up and purl"
I learned entrelac! It's really easy, when you get the hang of it. This is the Danica Scarf from, knitted with Teddy's Wool Himalaya. It's 1-ply chunky 50% wool, 50% acrylic, self-striping yarn on 6mm needles. IT IS HORRIBLE! It bled on me to death (that's for Holy Grail fans), every time i had some knitting done, my hands were black and i had to wash them and it took 2-3 times for the color to come out. So i soaked the scarf in some vinegar and water and didn't help, the totally black squares became dark gray. But the knitting was fun, it was for a co-worker, she was thrilled with the results, but i warned her not to wash this scarf EVER again .

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