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Thanks, everyone! I don't think I can post a pattern "link", since it's from the Lion Brand web site and I tried to send it to someone else and it asked them to log in, but if you just go to and search "Bunny Blanket Buddy" you will find both the knit and crochet versions.

Bethany: I love how it turned out and it is VERY soft, but I just did not enjoy working with the Velvetspun. It has no "stretch" on the needle and so you must "force" the needle into the stitches...does that make sense? I am pretty picky about yarn, though, lol. I have heard that it can also be made with cotton; if I ever make another one, I will probably try it with cotton. The Velvetspun really only shed when I began weaving in the ends. That being really was a pretty easy project (my first time knitting "short rows" -- so easy!) and I'm glad I made it. :D
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