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Thanks Again
Thanks again for all your help--that KH video was really useful.

It is still a bit tricky because with the "ssp" my pattern says to slip each of the two stitches to the RH needle then put them back on the LH needle IN THIS REVERSE POSITION, so I have to be careful that I put the RH needle tip through the reversed stitches properly. To make it even trickier, there is a yarn over at the beginning of each row of the pattern, so I really have to make sure I don't end up with extra stitches if I get the working yarn in the way.

But without all of your guidance, I would still be doing it wrong. So I am grateful. And I'm glad that I could help WandaT by asking my question--I guess that's the point of these forums, so answers to questions are helpful to everyone.

I'm on my 4th square, and I have 20 more squares to go. At least they go fairly quickly.
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