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I have 1/2" left on the foot of the first sock and then the toe decreases and the grafting. Then it will be done. I was aiming for finishing it today, but my guilt trips over laundry and cleaning and dishes got to me, so I did that first. Now that I am finished, I am going back to my beloved's sock and hope that no one disturbs me until it is finished!!! I think he is really going to like these socks (I hope). They will keep his feet lovely and warm.

OMG I am sooooooo addicted to this new adventure! I wonder if I need knitting intervention? The neighbour upstairs was just telling me there is a person who lives one street over that knits all the time. I told the neighbour to tell this woman to come over and bring her knitting. I would love to have someone to knit with. I sit here day after day all alone, knitting. I've tried to find knitting groups, but they are all pretty far away. I hope this woman shows up. It would be really nice for me, and for her as well I hope!

Abbily: I hope your ML experiment goes well for you.
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