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Beaded items
I bought Lily Chin's book, "Knit and Crochet with Beads", and I really like it. It adds a new dimension to my needlecrafts. I am really excited to make the stole on the front cover--I've got some pretty alpaca laceweight yarn all ready!--but I'm a bit hesitant. It's true that the yarn they picked for the pattern (61% superkid mohair, 8% wool, 31% polyamid) and my yarn (100% alpaca) are both warm, but I wondered, how warm will it be with glass beads on it? I know this sounds like a silly question, but I like to be really warm; I'm afraid that these glass beads (albeit little beads--they are size 6 beads, but there are like 1,300 of them on the stole) will make the stole cold.

Has anybody used beads in their needlework for garments? Does it make that much of a difference in the warmth factor?
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