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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Good Morning Socksters!!

Julie~ YAY on finishing up dh's sock!!

Jodi~Thank you...You should give 2 colors a try... and really this pattern I think is a good starting are knitting with a dk weight and size 2 needles...the pattern is very well written ...It was in Interweave's Fall issue...

LGM~ Welcome to the KAL ...that is what I consider a colorway...but I often wonder if I'm wrong the wip/fo forum you will see me say pretty colorway...then next time pretty colors

The.Knitter and Knitgal~ Great jobs!!

Lieke~ I have that problem too...I thought dotty posted a new way in the old KAL but I couldn't find it...I looked it up on google and found a lot different is one from wendyknits

Carla~ Guess what? They had an opening in SAM5 so I get to join

I had my sockamania pattern waiting on me this's so pretty... I want to CO now...but I need to start hedgehogs and finish mittens ...

I hope you all have a great day of knitting!!

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