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Gummy Jelly Baby help
Hi Sherry,
Well, I think I've figured it out. The pattern is just badly punctuated at that point. It says this:
Shape Feet:
K4 (K3 tog) 4 times. K8 (K3 tog) 4 times, K4 - 24 sts

What it SHOULD say is this:
K4. Then K3tog 4 times (that makes a total of 8 stitches so far).
K8. Then K3tog 4 times again. (that makes a total of 20 stitches now).
K4. (that makes a grand total of 24 stitches).

What is happening is you are really pulling together tons of stitches in a small space every time you knit 3 stitches together, creating only 1 new stitch on the other needle.

Does that work for you?
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