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knitting has made me more patient! No more tapping of the foot...I just knit! I started 3 years ago this month. Next weekend I am taking a lace knitting class and can't wait! I could probably teach myself how to do it, but it is so much fun to meet with the "girls" of all ages and learn and talk. I've made friends that I wouldn't have otherwise. We support each other in bad times and laugh in good.
Meeting knitters is funny too, you meet them everywhere. I was on the treadmill at the Y today and the girl next to me asked where I work, so we talked about that for a minutes and I said I was going home to watch a movie and knit and she said that SHE knits and what do I have on my needles?!
The other day I was trying to remember what it was I did with my time when I didn't knit! Oh work,LOL

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