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Thank you for joining, everyone!

I'll give an updated list of names soon.

Originally Posted by Doodknitwit View Post
who can help me add the preemie button to signature...
To add the button to your signature, use "[img]" before the link, and "[/img]" after the link. (without the "s - just use the bar quotes)

Originally Posted by suziehomemaker View Post
I just wanted to say that this is so cool to be a part of. I love all of these charity projects and I really look forward to seeing them grow with each knitter. It's so much fun to work on and a great break from my regular projects. My family now checks in with me to see which one I'm getting next to work on. I love doing my own thing for charity projects too but this is so much fun to be part of an international group of charity knitters!
Thanks for enjoying the project so much, my friend! I think it's SO COOL that your family is interested in it as well!
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