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Knitting project bags - is this marketable?
Fellow KHers: My good friend Lisa, who is a newbie knitter, is also an expert seamstress. She made me this cute little project bag today. This is the casual-wear project bag, you could say. I like it a lot. I find that, when working with dpns, in particular, I can place my yarn and such in the bag, put the straps over one arm, and knit, knit, knit as I stand around on break at work, or wander through my house, etc.

Let me know what you all think, either through replies here or by private mail. I would like to know whether these are marketable before Lisa starts hawking them to the LYS in our area and/or tries opening an etsy store. I will post more pics when Lisa finishes the matching needle roll she's working on for me.

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