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I just love our Preemie Baby Blanket project!
Originally Posted by Catz View Post
If you have any more blankets in mind for the uk knitters put my name down please. I'm looking forward to recieving the circus blanket soon to do my part of it.
I'm adding you to the blanket that Nikkilc is starting!
(read below)
Originally Posted by wickedphantm View Post
Shandeh, Don't know which blanket would be coming first but can I be added to whatever blanket you ahve starting next? I'm a preemie to be involved!
Sure thing! I just added you to the "Racecar Alley" blanket! (Primary Colors)
Originally Posted by Nikkilc View Post
As other UK knitters want to join would it be ok if i start another one i have the right needles and some lovely Patons Baby FAB Dk in pink and white and raspberry.shade 02335 Let me know if it would be ok .
Here's your list of knitters for the "Sweethearts" blanket:
(let me know if you want to call it something else)
(add others as they sign up)
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