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Ok, so have been distracted creating a cable pattern and haven't
been online! Given that I started this KAL I should probably at
least check in once a day! I have yet to start my first block
...*hanging my head in shame* haha I just had this "brilliant" idea
to make a dragon out of cables and that has been all I've been
thinking about and working on! Ok, enough excuses...I will start
my Block One tonight...I have yarn and needles---no excuses!!

Originally Posted by feministmama View Post
So how come the Mason Dixon pattern has the decreases changing every other row?
Not exactly sure what you are asking but I do know there are many
ways to achieve the mitered square. The pattern I learned is the
one I posted but since learning that I have seen a few others. The
one Sig linked to has the decreases so that you slip a stitch, k2tog
and then pass the slipped stitch over. I do know that all the patterns
I have seen have a decrease row wherein you decrease a total of
2 stitches in the middle of the row and then a plain knit row alternating
until you reach the end. Did that answer your question or not even
come close?

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