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Originally Posted by bajanKnit View Post
Always wanted to join as KAL hope iam not to late.
Will we be posting pics of finished squares or no???
Originally Posted by Abbily View Post
I just noticed this thread today, hope it's not too late for me to join! What a great idea!
As far as I'm concerned it's never too late too join in! Welcome to
the KAL And yes, pics of works in progress and finished squares
would be great! Also when we get into more advanced techniques
anyone with questions might want to post a pic of their problem
as it will make it easier for others to help work out a solution.

Originally Posted by bajanKnit View Post
Also what type of yarn have you settled on washable, wool,cotton????
Yarn is your choice! If you plan to do the block swap at the end of
the year, then it should be washable and you might want to make
a few in cotton or acrylic for swapping with those with wool allergies.
If you are not doing the swap then by all means make your blocks
in any yarn you like!

Originally Posted by evona View Post
I'm using gargoylelib's method of doing a mitered block, but I'm noticing that in the middle (where my decreases occur and the stitch marker is) the stitches seem loose. Is this normal? Or, how do I fix/stop this?
Ok, the paired decreases in the middle do create sort of an "odd"
line that will run diagonally across your block. I'm about halfway
done with mine and so will try to take a picture and post it so you
can compare. You can also do a picture search on google and get
a ton of pics of different knit mitered squares. If yours seems extra
loose you might try pulling the yarn particularly tight after your slip
the marker and do the knit2 tog. Oh, another could look
at raglan sleeve shaping on sweaters knit in the round as they use
the same type of paired decreases and it gives a definite space
between the stitches...actually you can see a pic of the raglan
shaping clearly here. Made this little cardy for dd recently so still
fresh in my mind!

Hope that helps!

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