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fixing inside out in-the-round knitting
I am knitting mini-newborn thumbless mittens on size 2 double-pointed needles. It is my first DPN project and the first 8 rows are 1x1 ribbing, followed by stockinette.

I put the work down after casting on (for the millionth time) and after ribbing the first few rows realized that it's inside out. The ribbing is messy facing me but inside is nice and neat. I don't have a problem with it because I can just turn the work right-side out when I'm done, but my question is how to knit stockinette inside out once I get to that part.

Do I have to knit the stockinette differently so that it ends up "correct" on the other side, or can I just do regular stockinette on the WS and it will show up fine on the RS? I could just experiment and see what works and doesn't work, but then I'd have to pull it all out if I get it wrong and I'd rather not have to do that with such small stitches!

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