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Originally Posted by Karina View Post
Decided that I was to close to the finish line to frog my square, so finished it a minute ago. Have to say it looks less like a square and more like a kite
Now what does it mean, did I knit to loosely?
Hmmm...well, to be honest I've never had much success getting
a mitered square to be square in stockinette stitch. It always
comes out more kite shaped but I see pics all over the net of
st st mitered squares so it is possible! Is it something that can
be tweaked into shape by blocking? Unfortunately I'm not an expert here so maybe someone with a bit more know how can
step in and offer an answer!

ETA: Just went and did some research on the internet and found some
interesting info on the square that I thought i'd share. Garter st has a
tendency to be more square so is easier to knit in a mitered square with
the basic double decrease in the middle. St st will look more "kite"
shaped and need to be shaped to a square by blocking. I did find however
a pattern for a st st square that has you do a triple decrease in the
middle every other row that should result in a much more square shape
in st st. Make any sense? Here are a couple of the websites I checked...did a google search with the phrase "mitered square
stockinette stitch".

This one has a few "rules" about mitered knitting:

Here is the pattern for the st st square:

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