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Originally Posted by Abbily View Post
Is this knit neck-down, or bottom-up? It sounds like you're knitting a tube, but then you take 30 stitches off your circ needle and put them on a holder- leaving you with only part of the tube on your circular needle. This is the part you then work back and forth. You don't need an extra needle, though, you just use the two ends of the circ as if they were two separate needles. Yes, you flip it over and purl the wrong side, just like regular two-needle knitting.

The increases happen at the beginning *and* end of each right side row, so you're increasing two stitches in each of 5 rows. Two of those would happen in the 3 rows of chart you have left, then the other three in the 5 rows you work in MC after you finish the chart.

Hope that makes sense! If not, feel free to ask more questions.
Thanks very much - it is knit neck down. I finally understand I don;t need the spare needle, and that I just knit back and forth, knit row, purl row, etc. on the circular needle. OK, first problem solved.

I am still trying to reconcile the number of rows however.

So, after I knit row 15 of Chart A, I take 30 stitches off and put them on a holder. Then I have 64 stitches still on the circular needle.

So I flip the work, and purl row 16 of Chart A - no increases here, since this is a WS; hence, still 64 stitches.

Row 17 of Chart A is a knit row, RS, so I add one stitch at the beginning and one at the end; now I have 66 stitches.

Row 18 of Chart is a purl, no increases, still have 66 stitches at end.

Now Chart A is done, and I move onto the MC - (I will call this MC row 1) - and it is a knit row, increase 2 stitches; total 68

MC row 2 - purl; total 68
MC row 3 - knit, increase 2; total 70
MC row 4 - purl; total 70
MC row 5 - knit, increase 2; total 72
MC row 6 - purl; total 72
MC row 7 - knit, increase 2; yay!! total 74

Is this right?

Do I know STILL knit another 5 rows in the MC with no increases before I set this section aside?

Is that what it means when it says "work 5 rows even"?
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