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Originally Posted by Abbily View Post
OK, you've stumped me on that one! It sounds like an error to me- you *should* be able to get the number of stitches called for (74) in the number of rows given (3 remaining chart rows + 5 'even' rows) but I can't make it work out.

"work 5 rows even" means just knit in St st rather than following the chart or pattern. I can't make the math work, though, so... I guess I would go ahead and work 7 rows even instead of 5 so you get your stitch count right. You're eventually going to join it with the other stitches back into a round again, and I think it will work out...
Thanks Abbily-

The dog I am knitting the sweater for actually ate the work I just did, and crunched my circular needle, so I need to visit the yarn store tomorrow to buy a new one. I am going to bring the pattern and ask them. I had to rip everything out and will start over, so maybe I can find my mistake (if it is mine).

Thanks again for following back up!!
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