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Originally Posted by Karina View Post
Thanks gargoylelib, I don't think any amount of blocking is going to rescue this kite. Will try again this time in gather st.

Love the striped afghan, very nice.
Oh that's annoying.....or hey, you could applique your kite to the
finished afghan and make an i-cord string for it and tell everyone
it was an intentional decoration! Yeah yeah, I'm not nearly as
funny as I think...haha

I think I'm gonna do another block in stockinette this time and
try the pattern with the triple decrease in the middle and see how
it comes out!

Originally Posted by bajanKnit View Post
Hi can we get a button for our KAL????
Yes, we can get a button if someone knows how to do it and
wants to make one! Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing
about doing it so anyone reading this who'd like to make us a button,
please do so!

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