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Knits and Purls of Woe
So check this out, I'm an experienced garterstitcher who is trying my hand at knitting a cable into a nice warm toque for the first time ever. This obviously requires a bit knit-purl/purl-knit alternation. Right.

The woe comes in after I've stitched my first row and turn the project over to come back the other way - when I reach the stitch where I am meant to switch from a knit to a purl (or purl to a knit for that matter) I find two strands of yarn crossed in an X. So I count my stitches and the number comes out right only if I count this X (which is made up of two strands) as a single stitch. So I stitch through the X as if it were one stitch.

Is this normal? It certainly doesn't feel right to me. It makes me wonder if I'm doing my purls correctly. I'm a left-handed knitter who learned by watching my mom knit right-handed. Can any experienced knitters out there help me identify my problem? The weather is cold here in Canada and I really need a new toque!

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