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The.Knitter, I LOVE those socks !
I understand not being happy, though, if they're not YOU !
The first time I spent $20.00 for a skein of merino wool to make a pair of socks, I was in shock at what I had done ! There's no way I'd pay more than $4.00 for a pair of socks normally, so this has been an experience to get used to. I've found lots of good buys on yarn since then, but when I don't, I tell myself that I am paying for the 'entertainment', not the socks themselves !

fibrenut, could you send me a half-dozen chocolate covered evil rings, pleeeeeze !!!!!!!!! You're my hero ! DONUTS ! ! !
And that many projects would drive me out of my skull, although it does sound alot like my quilting-mania days !
If I drop a knitting project at the seam-sewing part, I just may not come back to it at all.............that's why I go seamless as much as possible !

Julie, you've got another pair of socks ! ! ! And the fit on these looks really good this time ! So pretty ! Ya know, if you can make the kids' socks in gender-friendly colors, you can just keep passing them they outgrow them.........

Hi, Dustina.......glad you got some sunshine at some point......we're getting a few minutes of it right now, but it sounded so cool to hear the rain on the new roof last night as I went to sleep. It did enter my mind that there might be some leaks to be discovered from the new roofing, but NO SURPRISES ! Yay !

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