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I`ve decided not to carry on and make the second `mexican coloured` sock. I have traded the three left over skiens (and the sock for her to frog) of Fixation to Lieke for some Schoeller and Stahl Summer Dream Sockina cotton in a beautiful red colourway (0005), for MY socks, and a skien of Schoeller Esslinger in red and white for a pair of ankle sox. I am told these are both nice soft cotton yarns. I can hardly wait to receive the yarn now so I can make myself a pair of socks for ME!!! While I am waiting I will finish up my DD`s scarf and the Teddy All-In-One.

I think I will call my new socks My Netherland Socks (lol). I am very excited now to start knitting my new socks!!!

Half an hour later: OK so I fibbed. My arm is just about falling off. It sure comes out a LOT faster than it goes in, that is for sure! I just sat here and the mexican coloured sock. I will send Lieke four full skeins of Fixation. I know I would not wear this colour so why bother keeping it when she will use it.....

Half an hour later: There, the box is all made up and ready to go in the mail on Wednesday.

Lieke there are four skeins of Cascade Fixation in there for you. One does not have the wrapper on it because it is the one I frogged to get you enough for two pairs of socks. I will send you the confirmation number on Wednesday when it goes into the mail. Thanks once again for doing this for me so that I can have my favourite colour as my first pair of hand knit socks!!!

I love being a KH member. The people here are so kind and good! It warms my heart (and it is going to warm my feet too)!!!
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